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New Religion Part Three


Andrew Baxter, desperately trying to save a woman from a burning overturned wreck and failing, feels someone touch his back…

“That’s enough. I’ve seen enough.” a peaceful voice behind him whispered.

“Help me! We’ve got to get her out of there!”

“Out of where? Andrew, let go.” The woman said.

He opened his eyes and the fire was gone.

The car was still there but covered with snow.

Many inches of snow and very cold.

He stepped back and looked down.

The car had burned, but not recently, it seemed like some time ago judging by the snow accumulation around the wreck.

Andrew turned to see who had spoken.

A woman slightly shorter than him in a flowing blue dress, inappropriate for the winter, smiled pleasantly at him. Her eyes were as pale blue as her dress. Her long hair blew slowly in the wind.

She looked like a tribal girl; Grandfather would have loved her, especially since she looked no older than twenty. She didn’t seem bothered by the cold at all.


“Just a moment, I want you to meet someone.” She pointed behind him.

A woman appeared on the other side of the car and walked around the rear to meet him.

She appeared  in her early thirties, had short red hair and wore a business suit.

Her feet didn’t disturb the snow.

“Thank you for trying to rescue me. If it had been a week earlier I would have been happy to hug you in person,” she glanced at the woman, “Did I do okay?”

Andrew, bewildered, turned back to the blue clad woman.

“Yes, Deidre, you did. You showed me just the kind of person I needed. You can go back to your family now. I wish you well.”

The woman named Deidre blew Andrew a kiss as the wind picked up and blew snow between them and through her.

When the wind died she was gone.

 Andrew squeezed his eyes shut.

“Not real. This is not real. I’m not seeing any of this.” He quietly said.

“Andrew, please…look at me.”

“No, you’re not real.” He mumbled flatly ignoring her.

He turned around, found his first aid kit and looked up the bank trying to figure the best way up.

“Andrew…I assure you I’m real,” she gave a quiet giggle.

He shook his head, “Nope, no you’re not. Just like my flashback, you’re not real.”

She laughed making a girlish sound.


“Not listening to people inside my head, I’ve done too much of that and I know when my mind is playing tricks on me,” He climbed, struggling with each step.

             She gave a loud sigh behind him.

He didn’t understand at first, then realized he was floating in the air by an insistent but gentle wind.

“What the hell! What the hell!” he struggled in midair turning to see the lady grinning at him as she floated up the bank with him.

“Put me down!” he flapped his arms.

“But I’m only in your head.” She grinned.

“Now! Put me down right now!” he kicked.

She nodded and he gently landed on the edge of the road between his Jeep and the ravine.

He searched the road but it remained deserted in both directions.

He realized the road flares and the debris from the car were missing from the snow-covered asphalt.

“Andrew, I need your help.”

To be continued…


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