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New Religion Part Four


A mysterious lady, dressed in a diaphanous blue gown, inappropriate for the snowy weather, has just asked Andrew Baxter for help after saying goodbye to an apparition of a woman who apparently has been dead for some time. A woman Andrew was  trying to save from a burning wreck…

He stubbornly turned his back on her, threw open the back of the Jeep, noticing the unlit flares were resting where they he stored them and not on the road where he had thrown them, he shrugged and tossed the kit in the back.

“I need sleep. I’m delirious.” He mumbled.

The lady appeared in front of the driver’s door blocking his entrance.

“I really do need your help.”

“Move.” He said.

“No.” she said.

“Move.” He said.

“I’m only in your mind, so walk through me.” She grinned sweetly.

He started to say something but instead raised his left hand and pushed her lightly in the middle of her chest.

He staggered back.

She was warm! And he felt silk! And her skin was soft!


“That’s a long story. Do you believe I’m real now?” she asked.

He looked up and down the highway.

He needed to get to a hospital, he was cracking up, why were there no cars out tonight?

He started to step into the road to get a longer look down the highway and a delicate hand pulled him back as if he was a three-year old.

“What are you doing? ” she asked continuing to hold him, “What are you looking for?

“I’m looking for another driver, I don’t think I should drive, something is going on.”

“Alright, but don’t walk into the road, there’s too much traffic even in this weather.”

He gave her a confused look, “Traffic? Where do you see traffic?”

He waved his hand back and forth.

“Why do you not see traffic?” she repeated his motions.

A ghostly line of fast-moving vehicles, throwing snow, shimmered in both directions.

He involuntarily stepped back.

“Oh, yes.” She crossed her arms and smiled, “You don’t see traffic because I didn’t want you to. Don’t worry they don’t see you either.”

He slid by her and threw open the door, shoved the key in the ignition, turned the engine over, put the Jeep in gear, watched the slowly appearing and more substantially real traffic for a break and pulled back on the road.

Once he was back up to speed he began to relax as he thought of which hospital he should go to.

“Okay, I can deal with stubborn. Stubborn is a quality I like.” The lady’s voice echoed in the Jeep’s interior.

In the passenger seat, the blue dressed woman nodded serenely at him.

“You’re not real!” he screamed.

“I apologize Andrew, but we have a meeting and we need to get to it. Slow down please you’re going to need to park.” She requested nicely.

Andrew ignored her and kept his speed steady.

“Fine.” She gripped the dashboard, “Hang on then.”

The engine whined and he glanced at the tachometer.

When he looked back up, a building and a parking lot appeared directly in front of him as the snowy wind parted.

He slammed on the brakes.

“Don’t worry, we’re floating just off the ground. Might want to put it in neutral before I put us down.”

Out of the driver’s window, he realized they were hovering.

He stared at her for a moment and she waited patiently until finally glancing and nodding at his gear shift.

Placing the Jeep in neutral, the vehicle lowered and the engine turned off on its own.


“We have to go in there.” She pointed at the front door.

To be continued….


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