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New Religion Part Seven


Andrew Baxter and his female companion have been confronted by a dark, angry man and in the process Andrew has been challenged to a fight by a tattooed, belligerent, female ex-soldier…..

          Andrew’s blue dressed female companion lightly touched his shoulder, “Andrew, be at peace, there is no fighting within this place. You can shout, rant, rave, threaten, but no real fighting. It’s the rules.”

A wave of peace flowed over him from her touch but his warrior instincts pushed the feeling away.

He chose to hold his ground but refused to attack first; he would only defend and not be the aggressor.

Tilda didn’t think the same way.

“Redskin little bitch.” She said, twisting into a spinning back kick targeting Andrews head.

An explosion rocked the building.

Untouched, Andrew flew  backwards by the explosion but easily caught and held upright by the blue dressed lady.

Tilda flew in the other direction and slammed against the nearest wall crumpling to the ground.

Scipio looked toward the cloud-covered ceiling just like many others and quickly went to help the stunned and hurt woman.

“I told him, he needed to restrain her.” Andrew’s companion clicked her teeth.

“What? What happened, what was that?” Andrew asked, regaining his footing.

She glanced up and whispered, “Daddy’s always watching.” and placed her finger over her lips.


Every other person’s head tilted or looked up at once.

They seemed to be listening to something only they could hear because no one was speaking, no music played and when some tried to ask the listeners a question they were quickly hushed.

All heads turned to Scipio as he slowly walked back toward Andrew and the mysterious lady.

“I do not claim him for now, Shee.” He started to say something else.

She interrupted, “Who?”

“Sheehan.” He said through gritted teeth, “I do not claim him for now. But he will eventually be completely mine.”

“Hey, I’m not anybody’s.” Andrew interjected.

“Keep believing that little man, you’ll be mine a lot sooner.” He cradled the tattooed woman in his arms like a baby.

Tilda groaned and he placed his palm on her head.

Her eyes fluttered, she looked around and up at Scipio then he set her back on his feet.

“Did she do that?” she asked fully regaining  her senses.

“Hardly, she wouldn’t soil her hands…that’s what he’s for.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and escorted her back across the floor to the bar and the drinks they were sharing.

Andrew made sure they were out of range before he spoke to the woman beside him, “Okay, ‘Sheehan’? Is that right?”

The blue dressed lady nodded.

“Okay, so, what the hell is going on? Who are all these people?” he waved his hand around the large area, “Why am I here?”

She took his arm and turned him around to face the multitudes.

“This, Andrew, is the new pantheon of Gods. And with each of them is one or more avatars. I was supposed to have three, which I am working on, but you are what I have right now.”

Andrew laughed, and continued to laugh, but she didn’t.

“Gods?” he asked.

She nodded.

“New Gods?”

She nodded again.

“All these people are Gods?” he chuckled.

She nodded a third time.

He wasn’t getting the joke.

“And some of these people are what did you say? Avatars?”

She nodded once more.

“What does that mean?”

She smiled sweetly, “In this context, we need to have avatars to embody, or…make manifest, the particular responsibilities of our influence. I…have you.” She smiled brighter.


What a weird joke, he still didn’t understand the punch line.

She nodded again with the sweetest smile he’s seen on her face yet.

“So then, what is it that you do, what’s your responsibility?”

“I’m the Peacemaker, I’m the Goddess of Peace.” She grinned, blushing slightly, tilting her head to the side.

To be continued…..



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