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New Religion Part Eight


After a confrontation with a belligerent woman, Andrew Baxter’s female companion, Sheehan,  has just announced she is the Goddess of Peace…and everyone around him are the Gods of a New Pantheon…

           Andrew burst into loud laughter, causing some people nearby to look in his direction.

Sheehan serenely waited as he continued.

“Peace? You, Peace? And I’m supposed to be the embodiment of Peace for you?”

She nodded slowly with a small upturned grin.

“Lady have you picked the worst person possible! There are no such things as Gods. I don’t know what’s going on, I think this is all in my head and I’m truly and completely cracked. But even if I do, you’ve got the worst person possible!”

“I do, do I?” she laced her fingers in front of her.

“Yes!” he shook his head, “You have no idea what I’ve done in my life! You have no idea what I’ve had to do in the military! That guy, Scipio is right! I killed five people I know of, that I know of! I’m nobody’s version of Peace! Nobody’s!”

Small drops crept down the side of his face as he remembered the faces of the men he killed.

Sheehan brushed them off and held his chin.

“That is Scipio’s purview, not mine, that’s why he considers you his.” She made him look at her, “This is my purview, and why I consider you mine.” She brushed his cheek…

He helped the little girl up off the playground after beating the bullies who pulled her hair and called her half-breed.

            His sister’s boyfriend was cheating on her and saying bad things about her. Once Andrew caught him, he never did it again and broke up with her.

            The Thompson brothers had gotten Alana, a friend of his sisters, drunk at the party and took her up to one of the upstairs bedrooms, Andrew gave her his coat since the unconscious and beaten boys had torn her dress and he took her home.

            Great Grandfather needed to see Great Grandmothers grave one last time, he walked the two miles at a snail’s pace supporting Great Grandfather around the waist all the way.

            Carl tried to kill himself with meth; he took him to get help, not once but three times before Carl succeeded . Andrew flushed the meth after he found him, cleaned him up and redressed him before he called Carl’s parents, since they had been searching for him for days.

            Elizabeth’s father knew he was her unborn baby’s birth father, he beat her, and she lost the baby. Andrew visited her father after he heard what happened, Andrew never touched him but his rage was so great Elizabeth’s father turned himself in just to keep him away.

            Gary had fetal alcohol syndrome, three white boys were making fun of him, and Andrew and his younger brother made them stop.  No one messed with Gary again.

            The Cobbs home was falling apart, they were losing their land and Mr. Cobb had died without insurance or a will. Andrew gathered several families together, people donated time, money and supplies; they rebuilt the home, farmed the land and saved the Cobbs from foreclosure.

            While learning one of the traditional dances, Krista and Lawrence, two Down’s syndrome children, needed additional and individual help, he used all his spare practice time and more to make sure they did the dance to the best of their ability. The crowd cheered as Krista and Lawrence danced with everyone. He never let anyone know how much time he spent with them, not even the teacher.

            Grandfather cried as Andrew’s father passed away from a massive heart attack in his arms as they were hunting, he carried his father home over his shoulders since Grandfather was too old to do it.

            Grandfather, his sister and his brother, sung prayers as his mother slipped away, his sister and brother were lost for a bit without her but he helped them back with Grandfathers help.

            Tawny didn’t want him to enlist, he felt he needed to, she said she wouldn’t wait for him. As much as he loved her, he felt this was what he needed to do, he suggested Alan, his best friend (who he knew had a crush on her) to look after her after he was gone, two years later they were dating and later married. He was happy for both.

            Thompson screamed and cried as the shells and artillery fire rained down on their position, they were temporarily pinned down, he sang traditional Cherokee songs to Thompson until he calmed down, and it got them both through the firefight.

            Lee was Oglala Sioux, she had the prettiest eyes, and they shared their native language with each other. He loved her. They had plans. She was hit in the head with shrapnel, it went through her helmet. She went into a coma, she never woke up. He held the bandage against her wound all the way back to base. He sung her memorial song even while some of the soldiers made fun of him and mocked him. Thompson and Levin stood by his side and prayed for her with him.

“These are just some of the reasons you are mine.” She said as he opened his eyes.

Andrew hadn’t thought about Lee White Lance for years, he refused to. She had brought him peace when there was nothing but war.

“I…but I killed.”

Sheehan nodded, “Peaceful men in the past have killed more than five and have brought peace to millions. Sometimes that’s how they become avatars.”

“Attention everyone,” Boomed an announcement, “please proceed to the dining area, decorum is required when among your avatars.”

Everyone began moving toward double opening doors to the left.

Andrew frowned, “What was that supposed to mean?”

To be continued…


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