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New Religion Part Nine

Andrew Baxter and Sheehan, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Peace, have just been informed the dinner of the Gods may begin, but the Gods must maintain certain protocols….

Sheehan took his arm again, “Some of the Pantheon have peculiar tastes, and some outright disturbing. As we dine, the avatars will see only pleasant things. Daddy wouldn’t like the new avatars disturbed at the first meeting.”

Andrew frowned, “Who is Daddy? Does he have a name?”

“Yes.” But she wouldn’t say anything else and he chose not to press it.

If the entrance was impressive the dining hall was more so.

Multiple tables were prepared for everyone under another domed ceiling. This ceiling was bright and airy, filled with clouds and flying birds.

The tables were set with silver and gold. They were round and could sit six apiece. Sheehan lead them to one far in the middle, Andrew had given up trying to count how many tables there were.

He felt underdressed since he was wearing his work out spare sweats; he brushed at his ponytails unconsciously until he noticed the others sitting at the table.

He didn’t know which was the avatar and which wasn’t. But since only every alternate person rose to greet Sheehan, he assumed the others weren’t.

He studied them as they studied him.

The first was a young black man in a white dress shirt and jeans and sandals. Two spaces over was a blond woman in her mid-thirties, dressed in an off the shoulder evening gown. Two spaces over would be where he would sit. Two more and an Indian man judging by the style of clothing and features nodded at him.

The twenty something black man was the avatar of an elderly woman dressed in the style of a Caribbean island. The blond woman was the avatar of an Asian man in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. The Indian was the Avatar of a younger similar man dressed much the same but more traditional and brighter.

All of them looked at Andrews prosthetic leg where his sweat pants stopped, they also glanced at his prosthetic hand then looked away after being caught.

Sheehan chatted pleasantries with the “Gods”, which Andrew still couldn’t accept as real. He still felt, or hoped, he was locked up in a padded room somewhere and his doctors were coming to help him any moment.

The Hawaiian man sat down and the other Gods followed his example.

“Well look at us sitting at the slackers table.” He laughed.

Each of the avatars looked at one another.

“He means we’re slackers because we haven’t picked or brought all our avatars with us today.” The Indian God clarified.

“I’ve just been so busy!” The heavily accented Caribbean Goddess said.

“I came up against complications. Had to release two of mine when I should have started with my third choice in the first place.” She grinned at Andrew.

“Are we servants? Against our will?” The Indian man asked.

The Indian God vigorously shook his head, “No, not at all, at least those of us with similar outlooks don’t keep you against your will, now some of our brothers and sisters…that’s another story. Us? If you really don’t want our guidance you can just chose not to be our avatar.”

“Forgive us, we haven’t been introduced.” Sheehan introduced herself to the avatars and Andrew to everyone.

“My name is Ipo, this is Teresa Bolivar.” The Hawaiian looking God presented the blond.

“You may call me Lesia, and this is my favored one, Tyler Hughes.” Announced the Caribbean Goddess.

“I am Rickie. This is my first avatar Arjun Kapoor.” The Indian God presented.

Andrew snickered.

They all looked at him.

“What is funny?”  Ipo asked with a smile.

Andrew grinned, “Rickie? You’re the Indian God known as ‘Rickie’?”

The Gods and Goddesses laughed.

“But of course! I like the name Rickie! But I’m not an Indian God, I chose to look like I am from India but I don’t belong to any nationality.”

“So, you aren’t an Indian God. Then you aren’t a Hawaiian God and you’re not an Island Goddess?” Andrew pointed at each.

“No, of course not.” Ipo shook his head.

The Goddess denied it also, “No more than she’s a Native American Goddess.” She pointed at Sheehan.

“We take whatever form we wish, this time we take these forms. It’s our power area we can’t change.”

“Pardon me, you said ‘this time’. How do you mean?” Tyler spoke with an English accent.

To be continued…


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