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New Religion Part Ten


Andrew Baxter and Sheehan, the Goddess of Peace, have just met some of her fellow Gods and Goddesses. One of the Avatars has just asked about a comment his patron mentioned and would like an explanation…

“Well…we have a change of office if you will, every once in a while. The time frame is meaningless to humans. We take on new forms, find new avatars to pass on our wishes and ideas to humanity and our powers either grow or dim depending on the results. We, after a certain amount of our time, must then accept our fate and we return to a disembodied energy form until our area of power begins to grow again. The Gods and Goddesses you see here are now in ascendance. So here we are.”

“The Gods of old were us in different forms.” Rickie said.

“Or Goddesses.” Ipo nodded toward Lesia.

“Many of us have been both. Some needed neither gender identity.” She added.

Andrew nodded, “From what I understand, Sheehan is the Goddess of Peace. What are all of you?”

Lesia clapped her hands, “He’s an inquisitive one, this Andrew, I like him!”

Rickie raised two fingers , “I’m the God of scientific advancement.”

“I’m the Goddess of discovery.” Lesia said.

“I’m the God of self-actualization.” Ipo grinned.

Andrew frowned.

“Please, speak freely.” Ipo encouraged.

“Those don’t make sense. What about the Gods of love, lust, revenge, or war?”

Rickie chuckled, “Didn’t you meet Scipio already?”


Sheehan looked at him, “Scipio is the God of War. That’s why he claimed you as his.”

Lesia leaned back from the table and looked around at the other tables.

She pointed, “Ah, look over there. That large table is the love, lust, passion, desire, and sexual fulfillment group, they have plenty of avatars.”

Everyone looked at a far off table where twenty people were kissing, touching and on the verge of an clothed orgy.

“Wow they’re going to be going at it any moment.” Teresa offered.

The Gods at the table laughed, “Decorum remember? Before we came in, decorum? They’ve been fornicating since they sat down.” Ipo informed them.

“You’re seeing what they want you to see.” Rickie added as he  raised an amused eyebrow watching them.

Sheehan shook her head at him, then tapped Andrew and pointed, “Over there is war, bigotry, denial, anger, racism, and intolerance.”.

They recognized Scipio and his avatar Tilda as one of the many.

It was a long table of thirty, with a pall of gloom and doom, even though they all seemed to be having a great time. They talked and animatedly discussed several topics at once as they pointed at other tables and whispered to one another.

“Ugh, I can’t even look at what they’re doing.” Lesia shivered.

Andrew looked back at the table and Tilda gave him the finger, then raised her other hand, made a fist and tried to pick up her fork with the balled fingers of her right hand. She stared at her hand and imitated crying as she locked eyes with him.

Andrew shook his head in contempt and looked away; things like that rarely bothered him anymore.

“They’re wankers.” Tyler said.

“At least we’re eating better than they are.” Rickie said happily.

Food and beverages appeared on the table, each plate had the favorite dish of the person sitting there.

“What do they eat?” Arjun asked.

“Be thankful for the decorum order. Let’s just say it’s a bloody mess.” Lesia cringed.

Her comment made everyone glance back at the table.

They all ate some form of meat. Tilda nudged the others and all of them gave rude gestures back at them.

Andrew lifted his fork with his prosthetic hand bringing the beef stroganoff on his plate to his lips, he noticed Rickie and Arjun were whispering and nodding, watching him.

“What?” he nearly growled.

“Oh, we’re sorry; we were discussing your hand.”

The fork slid out of the imitation fingers and dropped to the plate.

“See, we could fix that.” Arjun said.

“Propose your ideas.” Rickie urged, “Bionics or synthetic replacement flesh?”

Andrew thought they were staring because they were bothered by the missing hand.

Arjun tapped his chin, “I think we can go further. Cloning is out as far as harvesting body parts for obvious reasons. However, individual bio reconstruction from the donors own DNA has potential.”

“Boys, no shop talk at the table.” Sheehan smiled.

Both of them pouted and returned to eating. Tyler and Lesia began whispering along with Ipo and Teresa.

Andrew name was mentioned several times.

Sheehan touched his knee under the table.

Calm rushed over him even as his independent streak grew.

“It’s not just you they are thinking about, it’s everyone. That’s what some of us do when we work together.” She continued to flood him with peace.

Lesia smiled, “I gave the inspiration for the prosthetic leg you have.”

Ipo nodded, “I made humans realize the possibilities and setbacks, and to be sensible about the prosthetics and their practical applications.”

Rickie bowed, “I gave them the specs, technical data, and the correct equations for the engineers.”

Sheehan removed her hand from his leg, “I gave those who wear prosthetics the peace and acceptance of their situation. Including you.”

His anger subsided when he realized he wasn’t the center of the universe…which was probably what Sheehan made him realize.

He sighed,  “So what do the avatars do? I mean, this time around?”

“Well each of us has a certain…oh no, wealth and poverty are fighting.” Ipo shook his head looking over at another table.

To be continued…


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