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New Religion Part Thirteen


Andrew Baxter is confused over a conversation the Goddess of Peace (who has chosen him as her avatar) and her brother; the God of War (who Andrew has challenged after the Goddess has been attacked) concerning Andrew and who chooses who, and the God of War sounds confident…

Andrew gave Sheehan another glance.

She smiled sweetly back at him.

“I think I will take him.” Scipio replied.

“Back off.” Andrew warned, turning his left side toward Scipio.

Scipio grinned.

Andrew waited.

Tilda glared at Andrew.

Scipio’s expression turned to a frown.

Andrew glanced at Sheehan.

Her eyebrows rose slightly and she smiled.

Scipio leaned forward, scowling now.

Andrew adjusted his stance putting his weight on his prosthetic.

Tilda looked at Scipio, confused.

Scipio glared at Andrew but addressed Sheehan, “You don’t normally lie to me, sister dear.”

“Why should I start now?” she said sweetly.

“You have taken him already, why would you refute it?”

“As I said, I haven’t claimed him, yet he’s my guest.”

“What’s going on?” Andrew asked.

Scipio’s voice rattled the dinner tables, “WHO HAS LAID CLAIM ON THIS PERSON?”

No one answered him.

Sheehan shrugged, “See, he’s here because I asked him to come.”

Andrew raised an eyebrow and was about to clarify he hadn’t actually had much of a choice.

She gave him a slight head shake  and he remained quiet.

Scipio’s rumbled, “I should have still been able to have received some sort of reaction. I felt nothing but resistance.”

She shrugged once more, “Yeah, isn’t that the weirdest thing?”

“And you have not claimed him officially?”

“He hasn’t claimed me officially yet.”

“He is here untethered then?” Scipio grinned wickedly.

“Um…Yes.” Her smile faltered.

“Do you know what sort of predicament she has put you in little man?”

Andrew remained silent.

“He is my guest.” She said reaching out and placing her hand on his shoulder.

“You may scare the others, dearest one, but you don’t scare me.”

Thunder rumbled overhead.

Scipio tilted his head back slightly, “He is untethered, father. He has confronted me. Once is a mistake, twice is a challenge.”

The ceiling grew dark and clouds began to roll in.

Scipio slowly shook his head, “Untethered father. Your own rules.”

Thunder rolled.

Sheehan tilted her head skyward, “What, daddy?”

“Untethered father, you can’t have us follow the rules if you won’t. Or if you change them when it suits you.”

“Oh, crap!” Sheehan spun Andrew to face her, “Andrew, if you trust me, accept my guidance!”

Scipio stepped around the table.

“Andrew please, say you accept my guidance! For your own good! I made a mistake!”

Andrew was unsure what to do but the pleading in her normally calm demeanor made him decide.

“Sheehan, I accept your guidance.” He said loudly enough for all to hear.

A single thunder-clap shook the hall.

Scipio leaned casually against the table, “Fine. He’s no longer untethered. He’s hers.”

Scipio’s relaxed stance made them look at him with curiosity.

The thunder stopped and brightness  returned.

“You may go now little man.” Scipio dismissed him and sat back down to eat.

“What just happened?” Andrew asked Sheehan.

“Hey! Sitting Bull?” Tilda asked.

He looked back at her.

“Any time, any place, when we’re not here, your ass is mine.” She hopped one-legged (imitating him without his prosthetic)  back to her chair and sat as the others returned to their meal ,laughing at her antics.

Sheehan took Andrew’s arm and returned to their table.

“What was that all about?” Tyler, the British avatar asked.

To be continued…


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