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New Religon Part Fourteen


Andrew Baxter, after confronting the God of War, cautiously but willingly accepts Sheehan, the Goddess of Peace, as his patron because of the panicked way she begs him too, Andrew wants to know why she was so afraid…


Ipo, the Hawaiian looking God,  frowned, “Sheehan, you hadn’t tethered him? I thought you had picked him as your avatar?”

“What does tethered mean?” Andrew asked.

Sheehan shrugged at Ipo, “A lapse in judgment, I wanted my avatar to want me freely without tethering him. It was a mistake.”

“Tethered?” Andrew asked again.

“But sweetie, that’s dangerous,” Lesia said.

“I know, I didn’t think it would come up, how was I to know he would challenge a God, especially Scipio!”

Andrew held up his hand.

“Excuse me! What the hell does ‘tethered’ mean?”

Rickie, the Indian looking God grinned, “He’s not afraid of much is he?”

“I like him.” Lesia, the Caribbean looking Goddess, agreed.

Sheehan sighed, “I brought you here without a tether to your existence. I was hoping you would have chosen me without my forcing it on you. I wanted it to be your choice. I decided to try something different this time around.”

“That was one huge gamble.” Rickie replied with a mouth full of fruit.

“What was Scipio going to do?”  Teresa, Ipo’s avatar asked.

Ipo explained: “Without a tether, Sheehan’s avatar, sorry, her untethered guest, could have his complete existence erased. And in some cases, by extension, his family members and anyone he may have helped in his life. Think of it as a real version of It’s a wonderful life without an angel giving his life back. Scipio would have done whatever he felt like with Andrew’s life potential.”

Andrew stared at him, then he turned to Sheehan and stared.

She shrugged uncomfortably and grimaced, “Uh…sorry?”

“We need to have a serious talk.”

She nodded apologetically, “I’m sorry, really I am, please have a seat and we’ll explain to all of our avatars why we need your assistance.”


 To be continued…


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