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Champions of the Veil Chapter Seven


Robert, Sam and Raquel, finally comfortable, are about to discover another supernatural power Robert possesses as the morning comes…

Chapter 7


The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing.
–Publilius Syrus

            They awoke the next morning to a light rapping on the door growing louder until Robert crawled across the floor while the others nestled deeper into their pillows.

“Who is it?” He mumbled through the door since there was no peephole.

“Yes, Hi Mr. Brady, this is the day manager. I need to see ya in the office, there seems to be a problem with your credit card.”

“Alright give me just a second.” he went to wake Sam.

Raquel sat straight up in bed with her finger over her mouth motioning for him to come to her.

“What is it?” he whispered.

She frowned, “I don’t know what it is, but he’s lying. Big time! I also feel like they’re other people out there being secretive too.”

It dawned on Robert what the man said; Sam had used a credit card. If they were tracking Sam and Robert, the police could be checking credit card use.

He kicked Sam’s bed to wake him up, and spoke quietly, “Alright, listen up. Raquel you’re my sister, Sam you’re my brother.”

Robert placed his hands together and spoke in a language the rest didn’t understand.

“Um, Mr. Brady. Could you open the door please?” the manager asked nervously behind the front door.

Someone else shouted as keys turned in the lock, “This is the Alexandria Police department! Open up!”

They stared at Robert who smiled as he finished whatever he was doing.

In a blur, the door crashed open; four officers forced their way in yelling for everyone to lay face down on the floor.

Guns shoved into the back of everyone’s head and backs, while police officers yelled for them not to move.

The leader of the team came in, “Whoa, whoa, stand down! These people are black. The people we’re looking for are white!”

The manager peeked in the door, “Hey, they ain’t the people that checked in here.”

“What’s going on?” Robert asked spitting carpet.

He received a shotgun barrel pressed into the back of his head as an answer, “Shut up, boy, when we want ya to talk I’ll tell ya!”

The leader shouted at the officer, “Fulton! Stow that, outside now, you’ve been warned before about roughing up suspects. Move it!” he ordered.

The man whispered into Robert’s ear as he pulled the gun away, “Ya got lucky, boy.”

“Fulton! I mean now!”

As Fulton passed the leader, Robert heard his boss tell the man to watch his bigotry.

“Guys, back off. Folks, we’re sorry, we thought you people were…well, it’s a case of mistaken identity.”

Robert rolled over, sitting up, “What’s going on, does it have something to do with that white guy and his friend?”

“Yeah, the people that’s supposed to be in here!” yelled the manager.

“So you saw these people?” asked the man in charge, quieting the manager.

“Yes sir, as me and my sister and brother were pulling in last night, this fella came up to us with this sorta chubby, balding guy and asked us if we wanted the room for the rest of the night for forty bucks, so we said sure.”

“So the two of them were together? Or did the heavier man look like he was in danger?”

Robert shrugged, “I couldn’t say. They asked if they wanted us to trade my pickup for that there Ford outside. Heck, I jumped at the chance; the chubby guy signed the title over right away.”

“Did he look forced?” the squad leader asked.

“Well we did think it was kinda weird, my pickup is just an old beat up green Chevy, and he did act a little nervous.”

The officer handed him an eight by ten black and white photo of Robert himself, “Is this the man he was with?”

Robert thought to himself that he did look like a maniac, because it was his arrest picture soon after the Scaletti murders.

He nodded solemnly, “Yeah, that’s the man. He acted kinda skittish too, looking all around as we talked.” He handed the photo back.

“You didn’t happen to overhear where they might have been going or which direction they went.”

“Well, sure. As the guy in the picture got into my truck he said they could make Jackson, Mississippi by the middle of tomorrow afternoon.”

“Walters. You heard that? Get on it.” he ordered one of his men who then ran outside.

He turned his attention back to them, “Can I see some ID folks?”

Robert shook his head, “You don’t need any ID.” His voice held a hint of authority.

“On second thought, don’t worry about it.” He scratched his head and the others in the room blinked rapidly.

Raquel broke their trance, “Are we free to go?”

The officer tilted his head and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am, but I suggest you don’t do something like this again. Normally we would take the vehicle-”

“But we need it.” Robert said in a voice with a command hidden in it.

“-but in this case, since he did freely sign the title over to you and you to him, we’re going to let you keep it. As for the Alexandria police department, we extend our apologies to you all for your inconveniences. Have a safe trip wherever you’re going.”

They thanked the officers as they filed out of the room.

The manager stayed behind, “Since you all didn’t really rent this room, ya’ll got about thirty minutes to git, before I call the police back and get ya’ll for trespassing.”

Robert agreed, “Yes, sir, we’ll be gone soon as we dress. Thank you.”

As he shut the door behind the manager, Raquel stared at Robert.

“Was that hypnosis? Why did they think we were black! How did you do that?” she leapt out of bed gathering her things.

Robert gathered his belongings, “Right now I’m more interested in getting out of here before the perception changes and get back on the road. Sam, you can’t use your card, that’s how they tracked us here.”

Sam grimaced, “Damn. I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any cash. Hey, what are we going to do for cash?”

Robert bowed, “Let the master of disguise handle it.”

Ten minutes later, the trio pulled out of the motel as the manager stared at them.

“Jerk.” Raquel’s offended girlish voice made them laugh.

New Orleans remained down the road.

To be continued…


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