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Champions of the Veil Chapter Fourteen


Robert and Sam are in the past with Robert’s deceased grandfather…who isn’t deceased…because they time traveled.

It’s complicated.

On their way back, they find they have to also visit Robert’s father…in the past…also deceased.

But what’s happening with the third part of their trio, Raquel?

She’s just hanging out in New Orleans having the time of her life…it’s complicated.

Chapter 14

Beware, so long as you live, of judging people by appearances.

La Fontaine


Fifteen minutes earlier, Raquel propped nonchalantly against the gates to the Nunnery courtyard, sipping an empty cup as if she was waiting on someone, acting as the lookout Robert needed.

Fascinated by New Orleans, she enjoyed the old and new mixing together. She watched tourists and their Riders occasionally trying her best to understand why some of the Riders picked their horses. She couldn’t make sense of it.

She noticed some of the old homes and buildings along the streets possessed spectral entities floating around the top and bottom floors wearing different period costumes. She returned to her guard duties. Robert and Sam met a nun at the front doors, but Robert pulled something out of his back pocket then they went in. She remembered the face of the second nun who appeared, seemingly in charge, before they entered the building in case she had to go in herself.

The soft tunes of Blind man Johnson’s harmonica reached her across the street from the front of St. Louis’s, it sounded like the William Tell Overture.

She smiled, thinking of the nice old man. She wondered about his ability to continue to see when he could no longer could. She wondered how many Champions or Warriors were actually out in the world. She hardly believed it when Bastet, herself, said she would make a fine warrior. How exotic, and to tell the truth, how erotic Bastet was, she could fully understand why people worshiped her as a goddess! Her head spun with her new revelations.

She faked sipping at her cup again pacing in front of the gates. As she turned to go back to the left side, she thought she caught movement out of the corner of her eye two street corners down.

Nonchalantly walking, she reached the other side. She glanced back toward where her instincts made her look. The back of her neck hairs rose; seeing two figures quickly lean back into the alleyway.

It was Adam Longstreet and a police officer with a Bestial Rider.

Raquel immediately, but casually, entered the courtyard heading for the entrance. Once obscured from the street, she tossed her cup and ran.

She banged on the double doors until the short chubby nun opened it.

The nun glared in irritation at the banging, “Yes, may I help you?” she huffed.

Raquel put on her best smile, “Hi, there. I’m friends with the two guys who came in here a few moments ago, the tall guy and the shorter, older man. Could I talk to them please, it’s very important.”

The nun looked her up and down, noticing her combat pants, military boots, and black tank top under her light jacket. She wrinkled her nose at Raquel’s black finger nail polish and makeup.

“I’m sorry, you must be mistaken,” she said with a further look of disdain, “No one has entered here in several hours.”

Raquel felt the tingling feeling she felt when someone lied to her even though she already knew the truth.

“I’m sorry, but I saw them come in here a few moments ago. May I see them please?” She replied nicely.

“Like I said…young lady…no one has come into the building for several hours. Good day.” She started to shut the door.

A combat boot wedged itself between the frame and door.

Raquel sighed, “Look sister or Mother Superior or whatever you’re called, I know they’re in here. Now before I get mad, let me in.” She glared at the nun, placing her right hand on the door for support as she reached into her back pants pocket for Sparky.

“How dare you, you little drugged out tart! Go away before I call the police!”

“A: I’m not a drugged out little tart. B: the police I believe are already on their way, and C: you’ve got me mad,” she raised Sparky up to the nun’s face, crackling with electricity.

Immediately the short woman stepped back calling out for Father De Luca.

Raquel pushed her way in, keeping one eye on another nun behind the door a few steps away. Raquel threw all the bolts and latches locking the entrance. Turning back to the Mother Superior, two more Nuns and the Priest who let the others in came through a long hallway. Running down the hallway after the Priest were several malevolent ankle-high, small Bestials grasping but not fully catching hold to the man.

“What’s going on here?” he demanded, as the others surrounded the Mother Superior.

Raquel pointed at him, “You! You let my two friends in! I want to see them now!”

He glanced at Sparky and the cowering Mother Superior, “Young lady you must be mistaken we’ve not-”

Raquel stomped forward, “Look pal! Don’t give me that ‘no one’s come in here’ routine! I was outside and saw them come in. Now quit with the bullshit and tell me where they are!”

“This is a house of God! You heathen little tramp,” the Mother Superior yelled behind her.

She spun toward her, “Hey, chubby, judge not lest ye be judged! My patience is gone, now you, Father, are going to take me to my friends right now!”

Father De Luca raised his hands for calm, “Miss, you need to calm down we are trying to tell you-”

The truth-seer felt her lie detector go off before he even finished.

“I’m not playing here people!” she turned around touching Sparky to the Mother Superior crumpled to the floor and screamed. The other nuns ran to her as the priest approached Raquel.

“Now get me to those two guys now!” she aimed Sparky at him.

“You’re going to go to jail for assaulting her. Margaret, call the police,” he ordered one of the kneeling women.

“Freeze, Margaret! Father, you’re hard headed. I didn’t want to get this mean but you forced me,” she reached into her fatigue pockets.

Her butterfly knife whipped open as she turned Sparky off, putting it back into her pants with her other hand. The Priest saw the knife and held up his hands defensively. She used Kung Fu to slap his right hand out of the way, grabbing a hand full of hair.

She plunged the knife into his upper right thigh.

He screamed as pain shot up his leg.

Feeling badly, but knowing time was of the essence she shook him, “Now listen! You might want to fight me to get away from me! Don’t! Or I’ll do something like this!” She barely twisted the blade.

He shrieked, “Alright! Alright!”

“Now, as I calmly said earlier; TAKE ME TO MY FRIENDS!”

“They’re upstairs! Down the hallway, up the staircase, in the repository!”

“Lead the way.” She kept her grip in his hair as he limped toward the stairs.

She stopped, turning back to the nuns.

“Sisters, a word of warning, cops are probably going to bang on those doors in a moment. If I hear the doors open without being broken in, or I hear footsteps down the hall toward those stairs. I’ll slit Father De Luca’s throat. Understand?”

They looked at each other and agreed.

“Good,” she smiled as the lying Priest limped his way toward the stairs.

Of course, she knew she would never kill someone, and the area where she shoved the knife she knew from her teachings wouldn’t seriously harm him. But they didn’t know that.

She let go of his hair and twisted his right arm behind his back to help him limp, placing her butterfly knife to his throat. The hurried down the hallway, climbed the stairs, and turned the corner at the top of the stairs.

She saw Robert’s leg disappearing into a mirror at the last second.

Stunned for a moment,  then she remembered Longstreet.

“Robert! Wait!” she cried but the mirror was a mirror once again.

To be continued…


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