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Champions of the Veil Chapter Sixteen

Champions of the Veil Chapter Sixteen


Robert and Sam, after a battle with a Tearer demon in the ancient city of Machu Picchu, having rescued Robert’s younger self and his family, but sadly not his mother, now they must deal with the repercussions. Raquel is trapped in the Nunnery in New Orleans while they are gone in their past … or her present… or her present and their future.

Time travel is confusing and simple at the same time.

Chapter 16


Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado.


“Darn, Darn, Darn it!” Raquel cried.

“Where did-? How did-?” the priest asked through his pain.

“You! Get that room open! Now!”

She shoved him toward the numeric keypad.

Sirens approached outside the Nunnery.

She began to panic, “Holy Crap! C’mon get it open now!”

He punched in the access code three times, before he gave up.

“It’s not working!”

She twisted the blade in his thigh, making him scream. The small unidentified demons crawling on him tittered silently in happiness.

Raquel ignored the screams and the demons, “Don’t screw with me!”

“I’m telling you the truth! I swear! The lock doesn’t work, its broken somehow.” he responded through clenched teeth.

She ran her fingers through her thick hair, “Robert! Sam! C’mon guys! Don’t leave me like this!

Reverberating concussions on the Nunnery’s main doors echoed from below as more tires squealed into the courtyard.

Raquel closed her eyes praying for help.

The Nuns shouted for someone to help them downstairs as the heavy banging turned to the sound of locks breaking off the front doors.

She prayed harder.

Father and adult son cried in each other’s arms looking down at his beheaded wife and his son’s mother.

Old words came back to Robert and he spoke them once more, “I didn’t mean to do it, pop.”

Johnathan Wilcox hugged his grown son, “Shh, we didn’t know it would release that thing Robbie. I should have known to tell you not to read the inscriptions out loud, but you were more advanced in your language lessons than I thought. Stop it now, she’s gone, if you’ve come back in time then you know she’s in a better place, this is where her life ended. She would never blame you for this and you tried to save her. You jumped in the Devil’s path when it attacked her that’s how you got hurt.”

Robert remembered his instinct when the bewildered Devil exited from the Key’s enlarged portal, his mother screaming and running toward him, yelling for his father to protect his siblings, he moved in the path of the malign monster to save her.

“It clawed you and tossed you away. Your mother yelled for me to get all of you to safety. It was right beside her. You know how strong-willed she is, my little tigress protecting her young.”

They laughed even through their pain.

“I had forgotten you called her that.”

Jon had seen enough horrors in his life with the Key to suppress his own shock and pain even with his wife. He understood Robert still experienced pain even as an adult over this incident. He knew he would himself once everything calmed down.

“I want to know how you and your friend got here, but we first need to cover your mother before your brother and sister get back,” Jon sobbed, picking up his wife’s chewed remains.

“I…know where some of her is.” Robert went to retrieve his mother’s head.

By the time he came back, Jon had returned to their campsite, retrieving a blanket to cover her as Robert gently laid her head near her neck.

Jon covered the body hearing Sam still trying to convince Robert’s siblings to come out.

“Remember they’re little tigers too, he might be a while convincing them, let’s get back to your younger self before they get there. You would think with all the things I’ve seen I would have known better.”

Robert wiped his face, “Maybe you better just call me Doc Brenigan or something, instead of Robbie, they never knew about all this.”

Jon nodded making their way back to the camp, picking up the fallen Key Signorum lying forgotten nearby.

Robert felt a tingling sensation in his chest were the future version of the Key would be.

Sam finally convinced the remainder of the family, to come out of hiding.

It took a long pitiable hour for them to calm the younger ones down once they learned of their mothers’ death and that their oldest brother was gravely wounded but would survive then came the long introductions of the two newcomers. “Doctor Brenigan” and “Roy Tillman” introduced themselves using their powers to calm and relax them. Sam enchanted Robert with a calming spell directly from his eyes, amazingly easily done, letting it take effect. Another hour went by as they fed the children, secured the mother’s body, finally sending the children into a power induced sleep, waiting until the younger children slept before speaking. Jon gave Robert new clothes; they were almost the same size, so he received jeans and a loose T-shirt to replace his own torn clothing.

Jon explained to his grown son about Robert’s grandfather and the events Robert had just told his grandfather after their meeting in the past. To Robert and Sam it had been minutes before, but to Jon, those events occurred before his birth.

Oliver Wilcox travelled to the Vatican the following week after Robert and Sam’s departure with a sketch of the Key Signorum after hiding it in a place even Jon never learned.

The events following the trip to the Vatican frightened his father, Jon told them. Certain officials of the Papal government of Vatican City kept him as an involuntary guest for a week while they questioned him daily about the powerful object, which he had no idea how they knew any powers it possessed but they questioned him endlessly about his abilities with it. He informed the officials the Key sat in his travel trunk at the dig site a day into the questioning.

Jon momentarily lapsed into silence and then remembered and told them what his father saw in the revealed sights while in the halls of the Vatican after Robert warned him that the possession of the Key would grant him the power to see beyond the Veil.

Angels and demons moved everywhere, Oliver remembered the lessons he learned about not responding to their appearances and the rules of engagement. When finally released from his ‘visit’, Oliver hurried back walking down main streets since he knew he was being followed when he noticed a set of demons with two men walking inside of them following him. Ducking into a shop to try to lose them, he turned and surprised an attractive woman in the flower shop he entered.

Nearly blinded by the glow surrounding her by the fairylike angels flying throughout the shop, the woman was not just anyone. She was Anne Elizabeth De Giovanni soon to become Anne Elizabeth Wilcox, Robert’s grandmother. Jon said his mother told him she loved him immediately, noticed the two monsters coming into her shop which the fairies attacked en masse and Anne Elizabeth spoke in a rapid language the archeologist didn’t recognize. The two Bestials (as Robert gave a name to them during the conversation) howled in anger, the two men screamed in fright running from the store ending their pursuit.

An orphan, Anne needed no one’s permission to marry the gentleman who stumbled into her store. She explained to him about Champions of the Veil since she recognized him as being a new one. After telling her about the Key, the two of them rushed back to his dig site.

It had been as Robert predicted.

The site confiscated, his dig team gone, his papers revoked, his belongings destroyed, stolen or missing. His fellow archeologists wouldn’t talk to him since their papers were revoked and he was ordered to leave Italy immediately.

They retrieved the hidden Key Signorum; she gave the store to her assistant and left with him. After they married, Jonathan was born ninth months later.

Later the Russo-Turkish war began while excavating ruins on the border in 1877. He hadn’t been reprimanded by his superiors for losing the site, knowing how the Italian government was about their ancient sites, instead he was sent to a site on the edge of Turkey.

In 1879, The German-Austrian alliance formed while the couple and their young son relocated to the Russian capital. In 1881, while out shopping the news blasted through the capital: Czar Alexander the second had been assassinated.

Hundreds of Murder Demons rampaged through the streets; Anne Elizabeth became separated from her husband and son during a stampede. Several horrible moments later, they found her trampled and lifeless body lying against a street wall. Angels surrounding her as Oliver approached while murder and bestial demons braced to attack them.

By then Oliver knew how to use his powers turning on the riders and their horses and sent them away. They took her to the nearest consulate saying hasty goodbyes, left, knowing the malign of the capital knew what they were now, were being pursued, and they moved constantly from then on.

When World War I began, Oliver used his abilities to work with the allied powers as a mystically disguised Priest. He used his powers with his son at his side, teaching him the powers of the Key, which the Vatican officials had inadvertently revealed to him during their questionings. Also schooling him in the ways of the Champions, since Jon began to display innate powers to see the unseen and interact with them. Secondly, teaching him about ancient civilizations and archeology. As Jon grew older, he noticed his father rarely changed in appearance they believed due to possessing the holy relic and prolonging Oliver’s life. Jon’s own powers grew, similar to most of Robert’s.

They moved throughout the European theater settling down only after the end of the First World War, resuming their activities when the Second World War began fighting against the malign wherever they could. After hearing rumors of horrible atrocities, and witnessing the concentration of malign influences in the ethereal storm, using their powers, they impelled the first group of allied troops to seek out concentration camps. Jon continued aging, his father slowly, giving aid to the living and the dying of each revealed camp located, fighting the malign devils and demons at each location. After the Second World War, they slowly made their way to the Korea peninsula. By this time, Jon traveled back and forth to English and American schools learning Archeology, contacting and working alongside other Champions during the war.

While in America, Jon enlisted in the Korean War. He volunteered to fight as a field medic, using his disguising abilities to give himself and his men orders. Oliver posed as a Catholic priest always near Jon’s various companies. Jon’s father by that time had finished teaching him all the abilities and powers he possessed to fight the malign. Jon soon attained command of a group of undercover operatives finding and catching spies with his uncanny senses.

Eventually the war ended, John and, a finally aging, Oliver returned to America. Sadly, yet again, man came to war with man with the Vietnam conflict.

The two Champions agreed to return to Asia. Jon enlisted again, his prior wartime experience sending him in as a field medic with a covert team. Wounded in battle, he met his wife, Janet, while she served as a nurse in Hawaii just as the War ended and they married.

It took her a while to get used to the fact about what he could see and do but over the years, she saw many wondrous things with both his father and Jon as they amassed a sizable fortune which led him back to the Archeology world. Seemingly, in his thirties, because of their shared possession of the Ankh his father often lent to him during the war, he continually forged new identification since no one would believe he was born in 1871.

Finally, deciding to turn to the sciences, his mother often traveled with him until Robbie was born, then she traveled less as his sister and brother were born. Jon told her about the beauty of Machu Picchu and she decided to bring the children with her to meet him on this trip.

All this narration was for Sam’s benefit, since Robert already knew the majority. Sam told them he would give them some time alone as he retired for the night. The rest of the night Jon and Robert compared notes involving their powers, prayers and abilities, which would help the young, wounded Robbie in the future, including the ability to hide in the confines of a building to mask his location from the malign. Robert didn’t tell him about the Scaletti murders or of the Tearer in his future and Robert’s subsequent stay in the Asylum.

The two Champions used divine means to dispose of his mother’s body, which finally explained to him why as a child he couldn’t remember what happened to her remains. Using their combined powers, they incinerated her corpse, allowing the ashes to fly where they would.

Eventually Jon went to bed, curling up with his three children holding them tightly after hearing they were alive and well with children of their own in their future. Robert cast a sleep enchantment, asking for divine protection to watch over them all until he finally fell asleep.

In the morning, Jon asked his brother and sister to watch after their hurt and sleeping brother while he escorted Robert and Sam back to the location where they had appeared.

Once there, Robert hugged his father starting the spell, and explaining how to use the mirror.

Sam jumped through first; Jonathan smiled recognizing the interior of the Nunnery even though it appeared fuller than the last time he had been there. Robert waved, stepping through, leaving his father in the past.

Both were surprised by Raquel pounding and screaming on the exterior of the sealed outer doors of the unbreakable walls of the repository room.

To be continued…


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