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Champions of the Veil Chapter Nineteen


Interlude: While Sam sleeps, learning of his powers, Robert drives and Raquel counts their divine funds provided for the oncoming battle against the forces of darkness. Raquel will find her abilities are growing now that she knows she has them.

Chapter 19

The greater difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.


“Okay, We have three thousand dollars; two hundred in twenties. Wow, I like this heavenly ATM.” Raquel fanned herself with the bills.

“Being a Champion does have its perks.” Robert grinned, “I’ve never really had a problem with money when I needed it, or a place to stay, unless the malign really, really are fighting against what I’m doing.”

Raquel looked out her window as a car passed on their right. Inside, four people, a mother, father and two boys sat quietly. A creature sat in the father’s lap while one of the boys had what she assumed to be a small Pounder thumping his head and shoulders.

“Have we left the New Orleans city limits?” she asked.

“Yeah, about ten or twenty minutes ago. Why?”

“Didn’t you say the sight you gave us was temporary while we were in New Orleans?” She glanced at the sky.

At first, it was a clear blue sky, and then slowly it changed into the light and darkness of the ethereal storm. She blinked then the sky became normal once more.

“It was. Why?”

“Well, I’m still seeing monsters and the storm clouds but they come and go. What’s going on?”

His brows furrowed; “That…shouldn’t be happening. As soon as we left the limits, you both should have lost the second sight. Unless-“

He rubbed his chin while she watched an angel fly across their path waving. She waved back automatically.

“So you saw that?”

“Yeah, Angel, flying by waving?” she followed the angel as it flew away.

“Hmm, maybe it’s your abilities as a Champion?   I once had a friend who had the sight since he was a teenager. Born to the warrior breed, last I heard he was in Africa in the Sudan, Peace Corps or something. Can you voluntary start and stop seeing things?”

She concentrated, trying to see the storm. Instantly the clouds of battle appeared then she glanced at the back seat of the car pacing them. The small Pounder still thumped the boy, and the thing sitting in the fathers lap, then willed herself not to see them. Almost as suddenly the Pounder disappeared, the skies returned to normal but the sky, the surrounding countryside, even the air, remained aglow with bright lights.

“Wow, I can, but I’m seeing all these other lights now.”

“So you can’t see any of the malign now?”

“Nope, just lights floating everywhere, a few I can tell are angels.”

“Interesting, be careful, but try this: concentrate only on seeing the bad guys.”

She did as he asked. A wall of darkness rushed over her, all the lights turned into red shapes in the distance while horribly malformed creatures flew, ran along the ground and swam through the air. Involuntary, she jerked back, forcing the images fade away.

“Crap! Crap! Crap! Holy Crap! What the heck was that?”

He rested a hand on her shoulder, “You’ve got the warriors sight alright. You can selectively see what you need to. Even I can’t see all that’s out there. Let me guess you saw more then what you could while we were in New Orleans?”

She shook answering. “It was horrible! Monsters everywhere! Are they always there?”

“Unfortunately yes, although as many bad things as you see there are more good things. Remember the naughty ones were cast out; they lost their major war even though they will always fight battles. Since you can choose to see either side you wish, I would suggest a middle ground. My friend said the selective sight helps you during a fight. It’s odd, because it took him a lifetime to get to the point you’re right now.”

“Maybe I’m a quick study?”

“It might be more than that. Remember I told you I felt power in you? Every few generations, a special warrior comes along to help humanity. It’s not impossible you might be one.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Ever hear of Joan of Arc?”

Her jaw fell, “C’mon? Are you kidding me? I’m not Joan of Arc.”

“Okay then how about Alessandra Calabria? Or Ajani Mahasampo? Or even Cheng Yu Zhu?”

“No, I don’t know them. What did they do? Are they famous?”

“No, that’s because their legends may never be told as well as Joan’s. Alessandra was an Italian warrior. Ajani was African, and Cheng Yu was Chinese. Each did great things, Angelic warriors can give you info on them. Maybe one day Raquel Monroe might be mentioned among them.” He emphasized her chosen name.

“You do remember my name isn’t really that?” she frowned.

“Yes, I remember. I also remembered when I tried to read your true name I was politely but forcefully pushed away. For whatever reason, your name is protected. So I don’t poke my nose into places I’m not supposed to.”

She chuckled, “You do remember I’m a lie detector?”

He felt the shiver up his spine from her power, “Okay, sometimes, I don’t poke my nose into places I’m not supposed to.”

“Now you’re telling the truth,” She pushed him playfully looking back out the window.

“At least it doesn’t look as if I’m not going to have to worry about training you too much. It appears you’re picking up things quickly. Warriors seem to do that, plain old Champions take longer. We have to learn all our talents most of the time by trial and error.”

He suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline, at the same time, Sam groaned in his sleep just as Raquel sat up straight looking around in alarm.

“What the heck was that?” she whispered.

He shivered, “That was the sensation most people call ‘someone walking over my grave’.   If it happened to all of us at the same time it’s a warning from our baser instincts that the bad guys have suddenly taken a particular interest in us, which means we need to be on guard.”

“So… exactly what does that mean?”

“It means we’re being watched…and hunted.”

To be continued…


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