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Champions of The Veil Chapter Twenty


Our hero trio, after an extended interstate drive pursuing their dangerous prey, have decided to stop for the night. They are ready for some dinner and rest, but Champions are never off the clock because Evil never is and waits for the right time to pass beyond the Veil.

Chapter 20

In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.

Paul Harvey


Night crept into existence, keeping the posted limit agonized Robert, but he knew detention by the authorities would only create more problems. Many times, he ‘suggested’ to following police cars and those they passed, that the red Ford wasn’t a SUV at all neither was the tag. Raquel laughed when he told her what he was making them see. Variously he veiled them as elderly people, state maintenance vehicles, vans, carpools with businessmen, horse carriers (with Sam being the horse), truckers, all women, or a father with six children strapped tightly in their car seats.

Eventually sought a hotel, working his disguise gift, paying in cash then they collapsed on separate beds in a two bedroom suite. The attendant informed him a nice restaurant was down the road if he and his children wanted a good meal. After freshening up and changing clothes, they went for their first delicious meal of the evening.

With bellies full, they returned to the hotel room to relax, slowly drifting off to sleep as the men discussed the next route of their journey. Raquel unexpectedly leapt to her feet heading for the door.

“What’s up?” Robert asked.

“We’ve got to help them,” She whispered slinging the door open, going toward the elevator.

Sam shrugged following her while Robert shut and locked the room.

Once in the elevator, she appeared in a trance state staring at the floor buttons.

The doors closed. They looked expectantly at her.



Taken aback Sam slowly shut his mouth and waited.

Suddenly her finger slammed into the 12th floor button.

“C’mon! C’mon!” she mumbled.

Robert explained to Sam during diner that she could now voluntarily see the unseen but Sam told him he still couldn’t. Sam nudged him and pointed at his eyes. Understanding, Robert let him give him the sight just as the elevator doors opened.

She stepped out and froze as if listening to something. The men stepped to either side of her, her beehive protectors furiously buzzing around her head.

“That way!” she ordered turning toward her left, marching down the hall.

“What are we-?” Robert asked.

“Be ready to fight!” she whispered back.

Robert powered his Chi into a shield putting his body between theirs.

She stopped at one door, listened, and then walked to the next door further down the hall.

“The rooms have a connected door. Can you stop the first one from opening?”

Robert did as she asked, a shimmer of clear energy surrounded the door and for good measure, he did the same to the windows to both rooms. He turned to her to ask what was next.

“Can you make the door open without a sound? They’re in the other room.”

He nodded moving to the door, placing the shimmer around it, moving to work on the doorknob.

Slowly Robert pushed the door open. The glow from his shield illuminated the interior of the room. Tied to two separate beds were two partially clad young women in their underwear. One in her mid-twenties and the other in her early twenties both drugged. Their skin waxy and pale while their personal guardians flew about the room coming out of hiding as the trio entered. The two women’s personal guardians looked battle worn silently pleading for help. Robert motioned for Sam to untie them as they made their way to the partially ajar doorway connecting the adjoining room.

Raquel surprised Robert as a round shield of scarlet energy grew on her left forearm as a curved short sword of power materialized in her right. Medieval armor began to take shape from her feet, materializing from her feet to her head. She finished encasing herself in the spiritual armor meeting his gaze, leaning forward to whisper.

“I don’t know what types of creatures are on the other side of the door, but I know they’re strong. I feel their presence more than the humans. How about you?”

He concentrated feeling at least eight presences. Two he recognized as humans the others were malign entities. He nodded, wondering how she felt them several floors below.

“Arm yourself. My guardians stay here with them.” She commanded.

Without questioning her, he created his own scarlet energy bubble around his right hand ready to cast as he motioned to Sam to guard the women.

She turned back to the door, kicked it open running into the room with Robert close on her heels.

The occupants stunned them.

Two thirty year old men, both Caucasian, wearing only underwear, had three malign riders. They differed in their riders. One had a drug addiction rider, while the other carried an Alco. Both possessed Rapists and killer Demons. At first, the riders tried to turn their mounts to fight them but the men headed for the door.

They found the door wouldn’t open so they faced them.

“Who the hell are you?” yelled the older of the two.

“Yeah, you ain’t cops! Get the hell out!” the younger said moving to grab something by the nearest twin bed.


Pax. Requiescat.”

The riders squealed in anger. The older man crumpled to the floor but the younger one struggled against the suggestion.

“Gonna pop a cap in your-“he reached by the bed.

A power carried behind Raquel’s command words, “I challenge you, you of the malign.”

The six riders glared at her, solidifying as the human looked up.

“Say what bitch?” he asked, confused.

“Oh, go to sleep. Requiescat!” Robert said with frustration.

The young man raised a Glock pistol just as his eyes rolled into his skull collapsing to the floor. Their riders moved away from their mounts.

“Are you openly challenging us whore?” One of the killers snarled.

“I do. Prepare to go back to Hell!” She smiled at Robert, “I always wanted to say that to someone.”

“Be careful, they’re strong.” He said as they flanked from each other moving to either side of the room. He kicked the door closed behind him.

“So am I,” she grinned.

The two Killers attacked first.

Their shields raised high as the Demons smashed down. Raquel hacked at her opponent’s leg nearly severing it. It howled tipping backward. She held her ground as it repeated its assault trying to rake under the holy shield with claws. She parried, splicing its forearm as claws scratched at her armor sending sparks flying. She smirked the angrier it became. Stepping closer, feinted an attack, spinning to the right, slicing the Demons right arm off as it bit uselessly at the back of her dipping head.

While they fought, the younger man’s second addiction Demon grew wings, hooking talons under the Rapist Demons uppermost set of arms. The Rapist extended another set of arms creating a total of six from its multiple phallic organs. With a least four organs, in addition to the barbs, the thing created hooks going in opposite directions.

The Killer Demon kicked outward with its wounded leg striking Raquel in the side, throwing her to the back of the room onto the edge of a sink. Faltering for a moment as the creature tore off its own severed arm; she struggled to stand after her collision. Realizing the Killer Demon used tactics more than brutality in its fighting style; the creature could kill her with the right contact. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw flashes of burgundy light as Robert attacked. When her own opponent lowered its head, roared loud enough that the edges of its mouth cracked and midnight green ooze oozed to the floor, rushed her.

Mumbling, she swiftly raised her sword with both hands moving into a martial forward bow stance, the sword extended toward the oncoming Demon.

Mindless with pain, the Killer rammed the sword down its own throat to the hilt.

“You’re stupid.” She smiled at its slack-jawed expression.

It swiped at her face but she brought her shield up in time to block the blow, even at half strength it rattled her arm as the Demon dissolved into a nasty, brackish, pus-like mass on the carpet, slowly evaporating into black smoke.

Losing her concentration and enjoying the moment, allowing her shield to dissipate, Rapist claws slapped her toward the left wall stunning her. Another grabbed her wrists and ankles trying to force her spread eagle against the flat surface.

Clearing her head, looking down, two enormous, hooked, barbed phalluses aimed toward her groin. The Demon’s strength held her immobile. A flapping noise above her announced the arrival of a Demon trying to remove her spiritual helmet. Cursing at the creatures, regaining her senses, she willed hooks and barbs across her own armor protecting her groin and pelvis region, shortly satisfied to hear the Demon screeching in pain. She willed spike extensions blasting from her helmet but the flying Addiction Demon must have sensed what was about to happen and retreated.

Two sets of the Rapist Demons hands tried to pry away its individual phallus from the trap surrounding her groin guard.

“Doesn’t feel so good does it, you bastard?”

The Rapist snarled letting its tongue whip out, splitting in two. The forked tongues lashed toward her eyes; instinctively she created opaque shields protecting them.

The claws holding her right arm and ankle moved to turn her around pressing her face against the wall, realizing what it was trying to do, she willed spiked chains shooting from her arms and calves into the wall to hold her in place still allowing her to move freely.

“Sorry, buddy; there won’t be any of that either!”

More phalluses grew from its loins; one grew out of its contorted and angry mouth.

“I’ve had enough of this!”

Spikes burst forth from areas the Demon held, making it hiss, releasing her. Immediately she grew a hooked Ghurka blade using it to remove the two tongues and the oral phallus. Regenerating the shield on her left arm adding blades, spikes and hooks to its outer rim, she released the chains holding her to the wall, dancing around the Demon cutting off a digit or appendage here and there. To say she took pleasure in this particular attack was an understatement. The Ghurka deftly sliced out one eye then the other. More phalluses grew and she cleanly cut them free. More claws grew to grab blindly at her but they didn’t achieve full shape since she speedily removed them as well. She laughed at the pain of the Demon thinking of all of the friends she had in the past at foster homes, homeless friends, and good friends who were raped quite possibly by a mount with a Rapist Demon rider.

She took her time.

The Rapist Demon wobbled; its energy beginning ebb from its body, melting to the floor, finally satisfied, she searched for the flying addiction Demon. It hid in the corner of the ceiling watching her terrified. Pumping its wings to flee, she reacted first.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

Her energy Ghurka elongated into a spear she jabbed upward, pinning it to the corner as she twisted the point around and around until it oozed its way down the wall, grunting with each thrust.

While Raquel fought, Robert retreated from the initial attack against his shield into a protective posture beside her. Even as he realized his mistake in not trusting her abilities, the Killer pressed its attack. The Alco ejected its bladders of alcohol directly toward his face; half of his shield deflected the slime. The other half splashed to the floor and against his right side, smelling of urine and bile, stinging his vision. The Demon slammed against his shield with its forearms jolting him, pushing him down to one knee into the liquid dispersing an energy ball as his hand flattened, steadying him.

More liquid sprayed, aiming at the floor to prevent him regaining traction. The Rapist transformed, advancing on him with barbed phallus.

Knowing from previous knowledge what those barbs and hooks could do to a human body, he fought desperately. One clawed foot, stepped under his shield striking it again. Using some fighting skills, he seemed to remember; he braced his right arm and left leg, whipping his right leg out, under him, and then hooking the clawed leg, sweeping the killer off its feet.

Something slimy shot toward his head at that moment and, not knowing whether it was from the Rapist Demon or not, he plopped down, releasing energy in the direction the attack originated.

The Rapist Demon howled, floundering backwards, the Alco advanced its attack extending its claws toward him as he slipped trying to stand.

He sensed an attack, raising his shield, warding off the groping appendages colliding against him, shoving him out of the vile putridness. Beside him, he heard Raquel say, “You’re stupid” followed by a Killers howl of rage, making him smile.

His Killer regained its feet throwing the Alco out of the way. The Rapist smoked as it struggled to rise. Wing flapping advanced at Raquel, but he had his own problems.

The Killer charged just as he regained his standing position, releasing multiple scarlet energy balls from his right hand, which sounded, to those having the gift, like shotgun blasts. They produced the same effect on the Killer as if they physically were shotgun shells, the Killer gasped in astonishment. Four fist-sized holes appeared in its torso, one removed a forearm, another removed a thigh, another kneecaps, making it drop to its knees. The last three balls connected with its growling face blowing it into three separate sections, destroying the Demon, turning it into brackish ichors and black smoke.

An iron feeling claw grabbed Robert’s outstretched arm, which forced him to toss his last attack, connecting with the Alco. The Rapist lifted by the Alco rushed toward him. He stopped trying to pull away knowing the Alco’s grip was too strong also knowing the Rapist was going to be thrusting toward him in many other ways if he didn’t do something quick.

Raising his shield, converting it into a golden-red wall with slats like a set of window blinds. He moved with the Alco tug, meeting the Rapist as it slammed into the barrier he created. Several appendages slipped through the slats as he extended his arm to hold the Demon as far away from him as possible. The Demon reached through the slats clawing his arm as the Alco squeezed his other. The Rapist tongue whipped out, wrapping its slimy way around his neck, choking him, drawing him closer.

“Do you know what most human rapists fear?” He hissed through clenched teeth.

The Demon’s head twisted quizzically.


All the slats closed at once. Each slat acted like a guillotine. Three phalluses fell to the floor; the tongue wiggled and fell free, both arms holding his hands severing at their shoulders. Two wormlike things dropped alongside two sets of six fingers trying to get through the shield.

As the Rapist dissolved, its screams echoing, forcing the Alco to watch fearfully but its droopy expression realizing it would share the same fate.

Robert wrapped his arm around the Alco’s forearm.

He grinned gleefully, “You know, I’m rusty, but I’m not new at this.”

Scarlet energy passed formed a gauntlet, scorching the Demon’s flesh, his shield transforming again into a bladed crimson triangle slicing open the Alco’s bladders.

It freed him but Robert retained his grip. It struggled to get away, backpedaling from him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you’re going? Oh, yeah! Hell!” he separated the Demon’s head.

Demons blood and noxious pieces merged, fusing into a gel, quickly evaporating, he watched with renewed confidence, returning his attention to Raquel.

“Not bad for a first fight.”

She turned with a victorious glee in her eyes. She scanned the room seeing the mess with her spiritual sight. Stains evaporated from their clothing, the carpet and the walls were the only remains of their combatants.

She dispersed her armor and weapons, “So I guess we got them huh?”

He grinned, “Yeah, we got them. You looked like a natural. You really are more than you seem. But again, I’m not prying.”

“What about those two?” she pointed toward the two unconscious men.

He knelt beside them, whispering in each of their ears.

“That’ll keep them here until we can get the police. I also suggested they tell the police all they’ve done or planned. Let’s go check on Sam.”

In the adjoining room, Sam’s Angels were larger than human and geared for war. An emerald spirit bubble stretching to the edges of the room surrounded the humans. The young women’s personal Angels, covered with cerulean lights, shot small bolts into their bodies. Sam, startled by their entrance, held his hands up like a boxer. Raquel’s guardian’s flit about him.

“Whew, it’s you two. I thought I was going to have to fight. At ease guys.” He said to his Angels as they shrank and landed back on his shoulders.

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“What is all this?”

Sam shrugged, “I felt they were heavily drugged from the way they weren’t waking up so that’s what the lightning thingies are. They’re zapping the toxins out of their system. Their guardians showed me where they were hurt so I healed them. I put the protection bubble up just in case you guys let one of whatever was in there through. I can do that now it seems.” He blushed.

Robert pat him on the back as Raquel gave him a great hug.

“Sam my boy, you’re turning into a full blown healer. You have the gift of health and comfort. I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

Raquel checked the women, “We’ve got to call the police, and we have to get out of here before they come, two guys in there were going to rape and kill them.”

“So there were Demons in there?”

Robert nodded, “Yeah, two Rapist, two Killers, and two addiction Demons, you should have seen the way she fought, she was fantastic.”

She grinned as he hugged her, “We have to go guys, we can talk later about all this.”

“Geez, one battle and now she knows everything, Miss Bossy.” He playfully shoved her.

She punched him in the arm, “Geek.”

Picking up the hotel phone, changing his voice to resemble a sleepy woman’s, he called the police.

To be continued…


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